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With over 100 galleries to explore, Charleston's art scene can be overwhelming. It doesn't matter a bit whether this is your first time in a studio, are a seasoned collector, or an artist yourself- OCULUS simply loves to share the beauty of Charleston with everyone. 

We understand. Galleries and "Art-with-a capitol-A" can seem intimidating. Perhaps you have enjoyed galleries from the street, but never went in because they seem like big, silent, white boxes full of things you're not allowed to touch or talk about, but are expected to buy. This is simply NOT the case... at least when you're with us on an Art Walk.

So let's stroll the streets of Charleston together. Let us see what we see. Charleston is a creative crossroad where the graceful traditional vistas of the Lowcountry meet the imaginative modern visions of the contemporary world, resulting in a dynamic creative environment laid out before us in a visual feast. 


The images below are simply examples of the diversity that we will explore during our Art Walk. By no means are these all of the artists or styles we will discover.  Click through to get an idea of what you like!



  • Your custom Art Walk will last approximately 2-2.5 hrs and cost $40 per person.

  • Tours (usually) begin in the lobby of The Vendue Hotel- 19 Vendue Range, Charleston, SC 29401 at either 10am or 3pm

  • After you make a reservation, Carri will email you with confirmation and a very brief set of images so she can get to know what you like. From that, she will put together a custom Art Walk.

  • 2-2.5 hours should be allotted in order to truly enjoy the art, the studios, and the lovely city we will be strolling. 

  • Please note that, since Charleston is a very old city, some of our destinations might not be completely handicap-accessible. Not a problem, Art Lovers! Just contact Carri and she will take care of you.

  • We Art WALK!... even when it is hot, cold, windy, or rainy. Carri will provide umbrellas and water for everyone. But not to fear, we will stroll at your own pace.

  • Art Walks that include visits with specific artists, studios, or food + beverages can be arranged.  Please contact Carri at least three days before your preferred date.

your guide


Carri is the founder and principle guide of OCULUS Art Walks. Like many Charlestonians, she came for a visit and when she looked down at her watch, she had stayed for 10 years.

She grew up with architect/engineer parents in the mountains of North Carolina and went on to a professional career in theaters from New York to Moscow. She realized during a recent interview that these two oppositional life experiences are what make her so passionate about talking with absolutely anyone about their life story and relating it to art. One of Carri's mottos is, "When art is in the artist's studio- it's THEIR story. When art is shared with the world- it becomes OUR story." This is the essence of what Carri + OCULUS Art Walks bring to the Art Lovers of Charleston. Whether you have been here for two hours or two centuries, Carri delights in hearing your stories and connecting them with art.

Here is her story: Carri was working with her parents to restore a historical home in downtown Charleston, when she was given a ticket to a private supper club event. The secret location was in a gallery. Unbeknownst to her, the delightful people she sat next to were the owners of that gallery. The next day they tracked her down and offered her the position of Gallery Director at Robert Lange Studios, where she stayed for four years, before working to open the Charleston location of Principle Gallery. She has been part of the Charleston Gallery Association, curated international shows, been a consultant and cataloger for major private collectors. Carri has been featured, written for, and been written about in American Art Collector, Art in America, Art Galleries & Artists of the South, Art Mag, Charleston Style & Design, and City Paper. 

...and while you're here...


Any questions? Any wishes? Anything at all... just reach out. We are here for you.

                                                     Thank you for you.

Carri Schwab

founder | guide | gallerist | curator | art lover

OCULUS Art Walks


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